Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

First of all, happy Memorial Day. We are so lucky to have brave citizens who have sacrificed their lives for the country. 

Besides that, I'm back with my grandparents, in the happiest place I know. I mean, just look at the splendid breakfast I was treated to yesterday! We have already bicycled to the beach, attended a wonderful Memorial Day picnic, and fixed the mast on my Grandfather's boat. I am pushing for a little sailing this afternoon, and tomorrow, when we expect rain, some board games and baking!

 We walked out on a little jetty. This used to be train track. A steamer from Baltimore would arrive to drop off vacationers, and the train would take them to their resorts.

Now, wandering walkers have to walk over several yards of wiggly rip-rap  to get to where the train used to be.

Almost to the end...


 Some fishermen heading out.

 We have always called this particular beach the Seaglass Beach for the copious amounts of nice seaglass that we normally find here. I have some really lovely pieces at home, but today, the beach was pretty well picked over.

You can see why. 

I spent a good deal of time with my feet in the water. It felt cool and delicious: just wonderful. I am really enjoying this weather: it is warm enough to wear shorts, but I can still feel delightfully cool in them (it's about 65*F at midday--perfect!)

Peonies in a silver urn: always beautiful.

Some fresh eggs. My grandmother's large flock of chickens is so prolific that we have run out of egg cartons. I do believe soufflé is for dinner, followed by angel food cake and custard! (Not really, but those are just some very egg-y dishes!)

I hope that everyone else has enjoyed the weekend as much as I have so far!

-The Old Fashioned Girl

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  1. Dear Old Fashioned Girl,

    Remember me.....I am one of the sisters you met while we were waiting in line for 4 hours to see Pioneer Woman! I love all your postings, and your pictures and recipes always inspire me! I am curious as to where you decided to attend college this fall. Hope all is well with you and your mom! Lynda Federowicz, Apex NC